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      Queensland, Australia

      It is one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations known for its sunshine, golden surf beaches, iconic theme parks, beautiful waterways, popular restaurants and cafes, and accommodation for all budgets.

      Play Gold Coast

      Flat, fast and scenic course

      The Gold Coast Marathon is famous for its flat, fast and scenic course located alongside the city’s renowned surf beaches and stunning broadwater. The ideal winter running conditions featuring low humidity, little wind and mild temperatures result in 60% of participants achieving personal best times each year.


      Awesome running conditions

      Held in the middle of winter, the weather conditions are traditionally great for running with low humidity, little wind and mild temperatures. 60% of participants achieve a personal best time each year and it’s perfect if you’re aiming for a Boston Marathon qualification. Start here:

      How to run Gold Coast

      A race for everyone

      This world-class marathon is set to attract thousands of participants of all ages and abilities across eight races – choose one for you!

      Choose your race

      Your pass to unlimited fun

      The best of times, the greatest memories and the most one of a kind experiences are all here waiting at Village Roadshow Theme Parks! Experience the Southern Hemisphere’s biggest collection thrill rides, slides, shows and new attractions at Warner Bros. Movie World, Sea World, Wet’n’Wild, Paradise Country and Sea World Resort.

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      Brilliant finisher rewards

      This event is world-renowned for its personal achievement mementoes of a commemorative medal, shirt and certificate. They’re collectors’ items for those who come back from year-to-year or travel to running events around the world.

      Finisher Rewards

      Thank you for the good times #GC19

      See you on Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 July 2021!

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      Sophie Curnow - Marathoner
      "The streets are lined with the Gold Coast community all shouting your name and I'm yet to experience a less than perfect blue sky marathon day."
      Rob de Castella - Marathon legend
      “It’s the best running weekend in the country because of its course, crowd, location and organisation."
      Joan Darlington - Volunteer & runner
      "I've made many lifetime?friends both in running and volunteering and I?recommend it to any anyone for a very rewarding experience."
      Steve Moneghetti - Marathon legend
      "It is such a friendly and well-organised event that it is too good to miss."
      Reg Hogan - Pace runner
      "I have been most lucky in enjoying the company and help of so many people in the running community, particularly those 23 years competing."
      Pat Carroll - Marathon legend
      "Everybody has the opportunity to embrace a challenge in one of Australia’s premier holiday destinations."
      Sam Hughes - 2000 marathon winner
      "The familiar faces, the friendships formed, the struggles and the triumphs as everyone challenges themselves to not only finish but to commit to the training is what makes this event so special."
      Lee Troop - Marathon legend
      "The atmosphere is amazing and it is a true celebration of our sport from young to old and elite through to the fun runner."
      Brad Beer - Physiotherapist
      "I ran my first in 2008 and I was hooked. You can't beat this event for the good times runners have!"
      Benita Willis - Marathon legend
      "The marathon is a flat and fast course in one of the most amazing cities in the world. Seems like a no-brainer not to have a run!"


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